Video : President Chamisa Outwits Zanu PF Hooligans In Matabeleland North


Tinashe Sambiri |The message of change is spreading to all parts of the country, President Nelson Chamisa has said.

Despite incessant efforts by the Zanu PF regime to block President Chamisa’s engagement programmes, communities are embracing change.

Analysts say the MDC Alliance leader will trounce Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 2023 Presidential Election.

Mr Mnangagwa is losing popularity with each passing day although his bootlickers are desperately trying to belittle President Chamisa.

The vibrant MDC Alliance leader is in Matabeleland North where he is conducting community engagement meetings.

“IN BINGA….BINGA IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL & SPECIAL. Massive support this side. Blessed Sunday,” the People’s President wrote on Twitter.

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