Man arrested for harassing wife over “lack of respect’


A Bulawayo man has been arrested for harassing his wife after an altercation over alleged ‘lack of respect’ after she reportedly went to Harare without his consent.

Crispen Chikukutu (45) from Mzilikazi suburb brewed trouble for himself when he allegedly violently pushed his wife Pertunia Chirimudombo (26) against a door which slammed her leg.

In a bid to apparently ‘fix’ her, he also stole her US$42 and R20.

Allegations against Chikukutu are that on an unknown date but sometime in October this year, he had a misunderstanding with his wife over why she went to Harare without his consent.

It is reported that at the height of the misunderstanding, Chikukutu who apparently felt that his wife had failed to treat him as her husband, violently pushed her against the door and in the process, she was injured on her leg.

It is further alleged that on 6 November 2021, a misunderstanding again arose between the two parties. Fearing that her husband would beat her up, Chirimudondo sneaked out of the house and went and reported him to the police.

While his wife was still at the police station, Chikukutu exploited the opportunity and stole her US$42 and R20.

When she returned home, the wife discovered that her money was missing. She went back to the police and filed a report of theft against her husband leading to his arrest.

Chikukutu has since appeared in court charged with two counts of theft and physical abuse. He was not asked to plead to both counts and was remanded out of custody to November 30 on $3 000 bail.

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