Man dumped in court for failing to provide food and rent


A WOMAN from Bulawayo dumped her husband in court for failing to provide food and to pay rent for his family.

Simadingo Mwaka from Old Magwegwe suburb, revealed that her husband, Advocate Muzavazi,was an irresponsible man who could not feed his family.

To make matters worse, when Mwaka tells Muzavazi to provide for her and the children she gets a beating.
Mwaka is tired of her husband, and wants nothing to do with him and so she decided to ask the courts to help her get rid of him.

In her court papers she said: “I have been customarily married to Advocate Muzavazi since 2013 and we were blessed with two children.

He is very abusive and I have been tolerating this since long back. He does not buy food in the house and doesn’t pay rent.

I no longer want him and I now want to stay by myself with only my children. I am also now living in fear as he physically abuses me whenever I ask him to provide.

I apply for a protection order against him as I am tired of his behaviour.”

Magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube struck the matter off the roll as both parties did not attend court.

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