#Chooseday with the queen of rap and goddess of sauce Kikky Badass


#Chooseday with the queen of rap and goddess of sauce Kikky Badass. Say whatever you want this mama right here is serving the best hot sauce in town. Serving us with hot things be it lyrically or on the fashion side, she just knows how to rock us and make us keep wanting her more.


She has these pictures she posted on her Instagram account and man we cant get enough of them. They are fire as she dropped lines we hoping are from her new project she is working on. Check the new hot pictures…

Rapper Kikky

Body kunge statue yaNehanda
My reign over these kids comes like thunder⚡️
Where there is smoke , there’s fire emojis🔥
I fucked up the game , now let’s all have an orgy -KEEKS

Kikky Badass

Kikky Badass has been one of the most consistent female MCs in the hip-hop genre in Zimbabwe both Zimbabwe bot musically and physically as well. You cant just ignore Kikky in what she does, on the mic she murders and on the streets she rules.

Rapper Kikky Badass

She has just lit social media especially Instagram with some amazing bikini pictures that we all know cause commotion on the streets whenever they are posted.

Source – MbareTimes

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