President urges farmers to prepare for 2021/22 agric season


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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged farmers across the country to ensure timely preparations for the 2021/22 agriculture season, acknowledging that Government’s timely implementation of agriculture programmes is immensely benefitting the sector.

The President said this on the occasion of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) and the opening of the Fourth Session of the Ninth Parliament of Zimbabwe at the State house today.

‘My Government is consistently availing adequate resources to expedite payments to our farmers for crop deliveries. This strategy is envisaged to guarantee enhanced productivity and profitability of farm operations along the ‘farming as a business’ philosophy. I once again exhort all farmers to ensure the timely preparation for the 2021/22 agriculture season.

‘In agriculture, timely implementation of Government programmes is immensely benefitting the sector. The focus of the multi-prolonged programmes now seeks to increase rural per capita incomes while also improving household food security and nutrition,’ he said.

The President said the increasing number of young people undertaking thriving farming business throughout the country is applauded.

‘This new crop of young farmers assure us that the land which we fought for, will remain in safe hands, for prosperity,’ he said.

With regards to livestock production, the President said that the Government was gravely concerned with losses incurred by farmers due to menace of livestock diseases. He however revealed that distribution of tick-grease and locally produced January Disease vaccine doses, has begun countrywide.

The President highlighted that Farm Mechanisation and agriculture modernisation continue to be on the priority list of the Second Republic adding that the District Development Fund (DDF) and other agencies are assisting with the tillage programme for various categories of farmers.

‘To augment the current number of mechanical farming implements available nationally, various bilateral schemes will inject an additional 3000 tractor units and over 200 combine harvesters,’ he said.

The President said this year’s cumulative tobacco sales exceeded 210.9 million kilograms, with export earnings surpassing US$589.6 million. Cotton production also increased by 100 percent to 92000 tonnes and investments to facilitate the value addition of these strategic crops are being sought.

This year’s projected 7.8 percent economic growth is also premised on the success of the 2020/21 agriculture season, among other various Government programmes.

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