Chamisa outsmarted Maruva cabal


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The MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa this week swiftly moved in to shield members of his faction from the machinations of the Maruva cabal, which was plotting to expel his lieutenants from that party.

A source who spoke to this publication said the recent reshuffle of the National Standing Committee (NSC) was a strategy by Chamisa to save his allies whose political lives were hanging by a thread following a resolution by the Maruva cabal to expel Chamisa’s allies for causing chaos in that party.

According to the source, at a recent NSC meeting, the MDC Alliance organizing secretary Amos Chibaya lambasted the recently elevated MDC Alliance national deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba for causing divisions within the Youth Assembly. Chibaya told the NSC that the chaos that ensued on 21 May in Masvingo, this year was orchestrated by Siziba who defied protocol and chaired a youth meeting, disregarding the leadership of Obey Sithole.

Chibaya further blamed Siziba for being an agent of ZANU PF and said that the meeting chaired by Siziba in Masvingo was held at a place availed by a ZANU PF member. Because of all these transgressions, Chibaya recommended to the NSC that Siziba should be expelled from the party for causing divisions and chaos.

The source added that Chibaya further accused Chamisa’s allies such as Cecilia Chimbiri, Joanna Mamombe, Netsai Marowa and Stephen Chuma of being big headed as they resisted a directive to present themselves before a displinary committee to answer to a plethora of charges ranging from indiscipline to fanning divisions. Chibaya also recommended that the quartet be expelled from the party as their wayward behavior might contaminate other members of the party.

In a move described as a strategic way of further clipping the wings of Chamisa’s allies in the Youth Assembly, Chibaya also recommended that all future Youth Assembly meetings be cleared by the national organizing department which he chairs.

However, Chamisa, sensing that the Maruva cabal was indirectly targeting him by plotting to remove his trusted lieutenants, overruled all of Chibaya’s recommendations. He accused Chibaya of lacking objectivity in dealing with party issues and said his recommendations were one sided.

The source added that the reshuffle of the NSC done by Chamisa this week was therefore a calculated move to counter the Maruva cabal and consolidate his grip on the party. Chamisa is believed to have sensed the influence of the Maruva cabal on the Youth Assembly and is plotting to elevate his allies into the NSC or the National Executive Council (NEC) before dissolving the entire youth structure.

The MDC Alliance is embroiled in serious factionalism that is threatening to tear the party apart ahead of the 2023 plebiscite. Harare post

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