Madam Boss Confirms Allegations That Tinashe Mugabe Stole The DNA Show Idea


Following reports that local DNA specialist, Tinashe Mugabe stole the DNA show idea from a Facebook user only identified as Tanaka Vibes Dube,  Madam Boss has come out to confirm the allegations.

The popular comedienne commented on Tanaka Vibes Dube’s Facebook post confirming that Tanaka and his team were working on a reality show titled  “Baba Ndiani” before Tinashe Mugabe stole their show idea.

Tanaka claims he and his colleagues approached Tinashe Mugabe and asked him to collaborate with them on their show titled “Baba Ndiani.”

He, however, alleges that after meeting up with him, Tinashe Mugabe went behind their back and did the show without them or communicating with them first.

Responding to Tanaka’s allegations, Madam Boss wrote;

“Tanaka Vibes Dube I remember kuti maive nemapurisa team yema therapist and also accommodation for vanenge vanzi chibva pano nemwana wako.

You had huge plans

But nevertheless ngatiitei jika majika”

Madam Boss praised Tanaka for being super talented. She also advised him to bury the hatchet and create another show and possibly try and collaborate with Tinashe Mugabe again.

“Hahahah it’s ok My brother I know you are super talented, create something else hamumbo pererwe nema ideas.

Talk to him mmuite mese if it’s ok with him… but pafeya ummm dai ndakazoita ndirini ndaitakwa nemabwe,”she added.

Madam Boss was supposed to be the host of  “Baba Ndiani” reality show before Tinashe Mugabe allegedly stole their idea.

At the time of publishing, Tinashe still hadn’t responded to the allegations levelled against him by Tanaka Vibes Dube and his colleagues. iharare

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