My kids were academically dwarfs, my husband chased us away


We were in marriage for 13 years and we were blessed to have two kids. Ken was the love of my life and proudly we lived together in harmony as the dad to my kids. I was medical personnel at a public hospital in town and my husband was a journalist working as an editor at a popular media station in Nairobi. Our kids were really a source of joy to our family.

They brought that happiness and bond between me and my husband. At times my husband played around with them at our homestead ground and I watched them at the balcony area, tears of joy really came out of me. What worried us as parents is that our kids started behaving like infants with time but they were actually not that young. Since both we had prospered in life we expected that our kids will follow the same footsteps and be real pioneers as their parents but this was in vain.

My kids were academically dwarfs, my husband chased us away
My kids were academically dwarfs, my husband chased us away

Things were not going as well as we expected. Our elder son who seemed to be sharper than her sister started lagging behind in their class. He would at times become the last one in their class. Things were not also going well with our younger daughter as she would lag behind in their class and when she came home she would happily say that she was the first from the other page.

My husband really fumed from these experiences as he thought I was the problem. He even said that the intelligence genes are always carried by the female gender.

These words almost heartbroken me as I never thought my husband whom I really loved would talk such heartbreaking words. As time went by, that’s when things became even worse. Each time I was called at school and I was lectured that my children required much coaching. Some teachers would call them dwarfs even before me. Others would say they were UN teachable.

My kids were academically dwarfs, my husband chased us away

This really hurt me since no parent would like to hear such words being said to his kids. At home, my husband had now declared I had given birth to non-bright kids. He would even tell his friends that I was a disgrace to him. He even said that such a public figure like him deserved better treatment from me.

Several times he had vowed to throw me out of our house plus our kids since they were not academically impressive as him. All the blame was put onto me. Each parent had a responsibility to play since we both brought the young innocent souls together with the two of us.

One day he came home looking more aggressive than before. He threw us away and we had no place to go. I went back to my parent’s place and it was a shame to have gone there.

When they saw me arrive with my vehicle at that time, wailed into tears for they already had predicted it was a separation. My kids too cried with pain calling their daddy. I was really helpless in front of my parents and I felt ashamed at the same time. We spent time at my parents’ home and each kid would ask what had happened with dad since they had never seen him behave as he did some days before.

Time passed by and I saw no hope. Just in the reserve, I met Calvin, my childhood friend who wanted to know what had happened. I informed him and he said he had a lasting solution to my problem. He told me that the next day he was to take me to Kiwanga Doctors for my problem to end once and for a lifetime.

We reached    Kiwanga Doctors’ offices and I was attended to with immediate effect. When I went back to my parents’ home two days after a visit to Kiwanga Doctors, my husband had already made a whats up video call wanting us to be together again. He also showed me a video of piled clothing that needed to be washed he even claimed he had not eaten for two days for anyone was there to care for him. Kiwanga Magic was really having it say.

We reunited back. We later transferred our kids to a different school. They started performing well. My elder son later became a doctor like I was. Our daughter became a lawyer and an extinguished one since she was recruited in the senior counsel.

I really credit Kiwanga Doctors because they are really gurus. Anyone with life challenging difficulties such as his/her kids not grasping anything at school should visit Kiwanga Doctors for they are truly the bosses to solve this. Kiwanga Doctors also solve stagnant businesses problems, theft cases, and bad luck amongst others just in three days. You should not hesitate to contact them if in need. Savannah

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