Mliswa takes ZANU PF leader heads on


Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused Zanu PF Mashonaland West youth chairman, Vengai Musengi, of fomenting divisions in the party, excelling only in the use of violence, taking over people’s mines using the name of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a Twitter thread, Mliswa said:

I got a call from a journalist seeking my response to remarks by Mash West Youth Chair Vengi Musengi. For starters Vengi is a political parvenu, a juvenile who, when I was Provincial Chair, we nurtured & hand-held. He has next to no notable history within the party as I do.

Today he is a 40 year old youth Chairman for  @ZANUPF_Official. Don’t know how that works out for the party on being able to attract the real youths to the party when the leader isn’t a youth himself. But that is for another day.

He has said I have no business attending ZANU meetings & raised the issue at a PCC meeting. First of all I don’t attend ZANU PF meetings. If at all I do, I attend its Congress where the ruling party spells out its vision. As the ruling party I need to understand where it’s going.

This is the same way I attend @mdczimbabwe congress as the main opposition in the country. Nothing notable and particular about that. I attended the Zimplats function last month because it was a government program and not a ZANU PF event.

The President is the head of the Judiciary, Executive and Parliament. Is Vengi suggesting that we are attending ZANU events during State of the Nation addresses? It’s unfortunate that he still lacks the wisdom & maturity to understand those distinctions.

He has the mind of a child in kindergarten. He only has mhepo dzekuuraya vanhu. He must focus on mobilising youths as he has failed to do. He must answer why youths voted for @nelsonchamisa and not ED.

He has failed as a youth leader excelling only in the use of violence, taking over people’s mines using the President’s name. The youth have not benefitted from his leadership. He is a youth leader with the ignoble record of not being able to even win in his constituency.

He rigged and still lost twice again Hon Webster Shamhu who did nothing but watched him fold down.

That’s the problem with ZANU youth leaders. They are only adept at talking, lying& contriving factional conspiracies. They can’t mobilise. The demise of the party is due to that crop & type of leaders like Vengi. Unprincipled opportunists who flip around for openings and chances.

He was a G40 and used to go around with Mazoe Orange Crush until they fell out with Grace when she realised they only wanted money.

How as a party do you expect to attract the youths of the country when you have grandparents leading the youth? What attracts them? Vengi is way past being a youth but the party keeps him as a youth leader. How then do you expect him to mobilise a vote for the President?

Another one is Abia Mujeri who failed to win in his Ward but today is the Provincial Chairman. What is ZANU smoking? The guy has never done anything to warrant the position. No clout, no stature & all he does is thuggery and violence. Who can take you seriously with such leaders?

In 2020, in a leaked audio recording, Mliswa attacked Musengi, labeling him a piece of shit and an extortionist mukorokoza (artisanal miner), who was clandestinely plotting Mnangagwa’s unconstitutional overthrow.

Source – Byo24

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