Holy Ten denies Yahya rumours


HOLY Ten’s manager Edwards Nyamutsika has revealed that the rapper was never in a love relationship with model and TV personality Yahya Goodvibes.

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Nyamutsika refuted that Holy Ten was intimately involved with Yahya and pointed out she has a known boyfriend instead.

“There is really nothing when it comes to this Yahya story. It was just a frenzy.

“If you hang around the Harare young social circles I’m sure you would know Yahya’s boyfriend.

“Yahya is a comedian of sort known for skits, so I just took the whole thing as one,” said Nyamutsika.

However, in lately events on the social media which seemingly contrast to what Holy Ten’s camp is saying – before the relationship allegedly turned sour – the rapper, a few weeks ago was posting Yahya’s pictures on his social media accounts declaring his love for her.

Holy Ten even posted a picture of Yahya captioned “I love you” and another one which was captioned “So izvi ndozvavapo Mai venyu ava. Goodnight”.

In spite of the rapper’s public declaration of love to Yahya, the romance didn’t last for weeks as some social media platforms recently exposed the supposed break-up of the two.

Holy Ten deleted pictures of Yahya on his social media accounts and the two are no longer following each other on Instagram.

When H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle reached Yahya for a comment she refused to comment on the matter.

At the moment, Holy Ten’s love life seems to be a painful experience as he was given a cold shoulder by Tamy Moyo whom he tried to lure several times to the extent of dedicating a song to her.

After he realised his bait to attract Tamy Moyo wasn’t working he declared his love for Yahya which didn’t last weeks.

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