Gono does not own The Heritage School


Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono says he doesn’t own The Heritage School, one of the best learning facilities in the country, as previously widely reported.

Gono said he wanted to acquire a stake in the school three years ago, but the deal didn’t go through.

Gono said the media reported on the process that was underway sometime before, but did not later follow up the story to see whether the transaction was consummated.

He said although talks happened, in the end there was no deal that was secured and signed in the school.

Documents obtained by The NewsHawks show that the upmarket school, located on Heritage Drive, Borrowdale Brooke, in Harare is owned by The Heritage School (Pvt) Ltd which has got six individual shareholders.

“I can confirm it had been one of my cherished desires and intentions to own a stake in the school since it was established in the mid-1990s,” Gono told The NewsHawks.

“As a family, we came close to acquiring a shareholding in the school in 2017/2018, but that didn’t materialise.

“Therefore, I would like to hereby  categorically state that I don’t own The Heritage School. It doesn’t belong to me.”Source – online

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