Videos: SA businessman lands in hot soup after a failed show-off


Social media has led to many people landing in trouble over the past few years.

Flamboyant businessman Sam Chabalala attracted the public’s attention after flashing his 72 expensive cars in a convoy that was heading to Durban in July 2019.

After the event, all eyes were on him and he had claimed to be born in Venda.

But when Home Affairs officials started questioning him about his nationality, he changed his statement and said he was born in Bethal Hospital. However, the hospital did not have records of Chabalala him being born there.

His ID is believed to be fraudulent. It said the accused was born on 15 December 1995, however, he was born on 1 January 1977.

Another man who got into trouble after flaunting his cars was Hamilton Ndlovu, after he bought several cars, including a Porsche 992 Carrera, Porsche Panamera GTS, Jeep Cherokee, and Lamborghini Urus all at once.

After flaunting his luxury cars on a video on social media, he landed on the radar of the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

SARS then obtained a provisional preservation order against him and five companies associated with him.

SARS approached the high court to confirm the order. The court said Ndlovu was solely responsible for SARS taking an interest in his affairs.

A local publication recently reported that Ndlovu’s live-in lover, Felicia Sekete, and the National Health Laboratories Services (NHLS) chief financial officer, Michael Sass were granted R20 000 bail.

The pair is facing charges of the Contravention of the Public Finance Management Act, fraud, and theft after the Hawks arrested both of them.

Sekete is a director of the embattled Feliham Pty Ltd that is linked to Ndlovu.

The company allegedly received a PPE tender worth R14,4 million in July last year from the NHLS against a background of it being blacklisted by the National Treasury from doing business with the state.

The pair is expected to appear in court again on 5 October this year.

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