2 Vapostori fined for violating COVID-19 regulations



THREE leaders of an apostolic sect escaped a 10-day jail term after they were alternatively fined $4 000 each on Tuesday for breaking COVID-19 regulations after they led a group of congregants to worship in Chitungwiza.

The court heard that on July 2 at around 10pm, Stephen Mubowa (49), Evans Marufu (33) and Louis Ruhora (31) led people under their apostolic sect into worshiping at their shrine near Surface Wilmar in Chitungwiza.

Chitungwiza magistrate Isheanesu Matova told the court that three deserved a fine not exceeding level three since they pleaded guilty without wasting time and were first offenders.

“The court took into account that you pleaded guilty without wasting time. It also considers that the accused are first time offenders,” he said.

“You are entitled to exercise what you do under your religion of choice, but abide by the law. You must adhere to COVID-19 regulations because it’s for your own

Mubowa, who stays in Waterfalls, told the court that they gathered to pray for their colleague who wasn’t feeling well.

“We were praying for our own who wasn’t feeling well. The person wanted to go to South Africa. All along, we didn’t gather, but the situation forced us to do so and pray for our own,” he said.

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