‘I Caught My Maid Pouring Urine In Our Food’


It was a normal evening in 2005 when 6-month-old pregnant Sheila Mkenya sat in the sitting room waiting for her house girl to bring the family supper to the dining table.

At some point it felt like the meal was taking longer than it should, so curiosity led her to walk to the kitchen and investigate.

“I found her red handed adding her urine into the mbuzi fry. I threw up so much that night, got a fever, stomach runs and a panic attack. My hubby also developed a running stomach,” said Sheila.

When confronted on why she was lacing their food with her urine, the young girl confessed that her mother advised her to keep doing it as a way of ‘protecting’ her job.

Apparently, adding her urine to the employer’s food would have made the family get blinded into loving her as an employee, especially the children since she was employed to take care of them.

What bothered Sheila, even more, was that all along she had taken care of the young girl as her own daughter, including taking her along to the movies and holidays.

“I helped her with the chores in the house, it is only that my pregnancy was troublesome so she took over. She always ate with us at dinner table and I clothed her like a sister. The fridge and food store were always at her disposal 24 hours,” explained Sheila.

In the long run, however reckless the house girl would have been with her duties, the employer would miss out on the faults and continue tolerating her for years. “I vomited for weeks just thinking about it. It got worse when I remembered that I had experienced bouts of stomach ache and horrible nausea the previous week, so I concluded it was her pee I had ingested that entire period,” lamented Sheila.

Perhaps, the biggest irony about the whole scenario is that the same charm meant to protect her job became the reason for her losing it. The experience changed Sheila a great deal. Although the working mother of two has been unable to do without a house help since, she became paranoid and only lets her employee do the bare minimum around the house.

“I’m so paranoid nowadays. I cook all meals in my house and in the event I am held up and she cooks, we don’t eat it. I cannot even request her to bring me a piece of cutlery because my mind worries that she will lace it with saliva before bringing. It is traumatizing,” she added.

What even bothers Sheila more is the fact that even after sending the lady packing due to the incident, she had the guts to call back a year later asking for a job.

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