Seh Calaz Pens “Letter To President” Mnangagwa: “Hazvisi Bho”


ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Tawanda Mumanyi aka Seh Calaz has penned a heartfelt “Letter To The President” Emmerson Mnangagwa in a new song released on his Facebook page.

The song is a plight, on behalf of ghetto youths, about the common hardships experienced by many ‘ghetto’ dwellers, musicians and others alike.

The Mbare bred chanter’s message is centred on making “the listening president’ hear from the youths directly as there is a chance the real plight may have been “diluted” when it reaches him, a matter where those ministers “living large” many not understand.

He explores the broken homes damaged by poverty as well as rampant drug abuse saying the president’s direct intervention may yield more tangible results.

Many youths have become entangled in a dangerous and highly addictive drug crystal meth commonly known on the streets as mutoriro or guka.

The song has garnered enough support from his fans and others who have pointed out the “maturity” in his message.

Watch Seh Calaz in the studio:

Below are some of the comments he received on social media;

Macdonald George Masvosva
The only artirt we have with Ghetto Yuts at heart. He really knows the challenges we face as ghetto yuts, Yu was really groomed among us our pain is yo pain, keep up with the gud spirit and be the voice of the voiceless.

Boss Terry
Baadd tune 🎶🎶🔥
SehCalaz is the description of talent this song is full of facts, that other artist might fear to spit but you standing for them not forgetting maimba what is killing maGhetto youths thanks again for standing for us, as a nation zvovengwa chete nemuroyii this is good,Only God is faithful, if we trust God more than anything we will get there. But every shake we get, it make us strong so that we can handle the pressure or difficulties that we would meet along the way. Our God is a Consuming fire, we dont call him in vain. All shall be well

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