“I’ve Slept With Over 1,000 Women”: Preacher Confesses {Watch}


A Kenyan man identified as Prince Narams has disclosed how he slept with over 1,000 women in a span of 3 years rivalling the biblical King Solomon.

Narrams narrated how he used to bed up to 2 women per day and at one point slept with seven women in a single day.

Speaking to Tuko News, Narams said some days he would cheat with more than two women.

“I used to cheat on a daily basis. Every single day I would cheat with two different women for a period of like three years. I never had intercourse with a woman more than twice,” Narams said.

He added:

“There is a day I slept with seven women. Approximately, I have slept with over 1,000 women.”

The now born-again man said he would sleep with any woman he met even on the road. He would offer to give them a lift, and by the time they reach the destination, the woman would easily “fall in love” and have intercourse.

Narams, who is an ordained missionary, met Wanjiku in Githurai Estate in 2014 when he was in a relationship.

Narams said that his wife is the one who approached him first, and she asked for his number, but he wasn’t interested in relationships at that time.

He narrated how he used to win lost souls to Christ before he started living a sinful life.

“We dated for like two-three weeks before we decided on being in a serious relationship,”

Narams said. He said she got attracted to her because she was understanding, caring and loving. Narams said at first he was scared to fall in love with Wanjiku because his previous relationship had ended badly.

A year later, the couple met each other’s parents and got married at Attorney General’s office.

The first three years of their marriage was like heaven on earth, and they did everything together.

Narams said he never cheated during the three years. But in 2017, things started changing. He went out one day and cheated on his wife, and he apologised.

“She didn’t believe me, she thought I was lying because I was not the type of man to cheat,” he recalled.

Narams, an author, said he did it again for the second time and got used to it. It got to a point he never used to talk to his wife and wasn’t happy while at home.

“While with other women, I was so happy. I knew we were having fun, and it was more of a hit and run. If you called me afterwards, I wouldn’t pick your calls,”

Narams said. He revealed that he rarely used protection with the women he met. One day, he invited a lady from Mombasa, and he was shocked to learn she was HIV positive.

“While we were talking before we had s_x, that lady told me

“Narams I want you to forgive me because I am HIV positive. I only came to meet you because I knew it was a hit and run” God saved me,” Narams remembered.

He said that was his turning point, and he decided to slow down on his promiscuous behaviour.

In January 2020, he left Nairobi because he thought he would continue cheating. The couple moved to Nakuru, but he didn’t change.

Narams is thankful that he didn’t contract HIV/AIDs and said he is back to winning lost souls to Christ because it is a calling from God.

“God has blessed me with a beautiful woman, and she understands me. We argue as normal couples, and at the end of the day, she calms me down,” Narams said.

He also apologised to the women he hurt and those he had intercourse with no intention of marrying them.

Narams promised to be the best husband to his wife for standing with him despite his flaws.

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Source: Tuco -Kenya youtube

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