Tears Flow As Hospital Cuts Off Old Madala’s Wrong Leg


A hospital amputated the wrong leg of a patient and blamed human error for what it called a “tragic mistake”.

The 82-year-old madala was suffering from many illnesses, as previous sicknesses affected his legs, to the point that his left leg required amputation.

“We are deeply shocked that despite quality assurance standards, the wrong leg of an 82-year-old man was amputated,” said the Freistadt Clinic in Austria.

According to The Guardian, the clinic noticed the mistake during a bandage change.

Australian publication, Heute reported that the madala did not initially recognise the mistake because of his illness.

It also said the madala was asked to confirm beforehand, but his articulation was limited.

The error appears to have been made shortly before the operation when the leg that was to be amputated was marked.

“Unfortunately, the mistake, in which the right leg was removed instead of the left, occurred as a result of a sequence of unfortunate circumstances,” it said.

The madala has been offered psychological help and must still experience another operation to remove his left leg from mid-thigh. Local reporter

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