Trailblazing hip-hop act, Dumi Right partners with traditional ensemble, Indosakusa


Hip Hop trailblazer and cultural ambassador, Dumi Right has teamed up with award-winning, traditional imbube singing group from Zimbabwe, Indosakusa the Morning Star on a song titled ‘No Turning Back’.

The track is an exciting and unique cross cultural collaboration that seamlessly blends traditional rhythms with rugged hip hop beats, topped off with fierce and poignant lyrics.

The song and video were crafted across two continents (filmed in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Washington, DC) with the artists collaborating on the concept and lyrics online and then subsequently recording in the studio and shooting scenes for the video.

“The goal with this project was to highlight my musical influences and share that with an audience,” said Right.

He added that he has never met any of the Indosakusa group members.No Tuning Back Still Indosakusa

“We also have never met in person and so we coordinated everything via Whatsapp, exchanging voice messages, texts and talking on phone calls. The experience collaborating with this talented group was great and such a blessing. They were so gracious and are very skilled at what they do.”

The video concept contrasts the rugged and cold urban setting in which the daunting challenges that the rap verses articulate with the warm, natural and more hopeful setting in which the singing group is seen performing.

Speaking on how the virtual and cross genre collaboration worked out, Indosakusa group had this to say, “It wasn’t a struggle for us though it was the first time for us to do those genres. But as a group celebrating 20 years of performing this year, l can say the experience was worthwhile and it all went smoothly.”

Source: zimbojam

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