Football Star Marvelous Nakamba Flaunts His Lavish US$400 000 Lamborghini Aventador


Zimbabwe Warriors and Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba flaunted his sleek US$400 000 Lamborghini Aventador on social media.

The 27-year-old England-based midfielder is truly living up to his status as the country’s highest-paid professional sportsperson.

Nakamba who is in his second season at English Premier League side Aston Villa reportedly earns a cool £45 000 a week at Villa, which makes him the country’s highest-paid footballer.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ which is reportedly worth a staggering $425 000 has a top speed of 217mph and accelerates from zero to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Nakamba’s latest supercar puts him in the league of professional footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, Benjamin Mendy, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Paul Pogba, and many other Europe-based football stars who own a Lamborghini Aventador in their car collections.

Nakamba who has a fine taste for the finer things has been spotted arriving at his training sessions at Aston Villa in a number of luxurious vehicles such as a Mercedes Benz CLA-250 Coupe and a Brabus 800 Widestar.

Following his latest acquisition,  some of his fans advised him to invest in property instead of wasting his money on lavish top-of-the-range vehicles. Here are some of the comments from social media;

Rofhiwa NdouGood for u hope u have property investments too because a car loses value the minute it leaves the garage yet a property increases value the moment u own it it’s so sad that most African footballers end up suffering when their short uncertain career is over.

Trymore Mandevana

Thus great job but I tend to differ with footballers coz why football is not a permanent thing but by the time you are still fit invest in something which keeps you going when you hang up your boots.

Claude Zungura

Congrats. hope you are investing because after ur contract expires at Villa u may begin to earn less.

Chris Mapingure

That is good. But l always encourage footballers to invest in properties like houses. Their career ends at around 35 years and they will still have a life after football. It’s good to drive luxury cars but l do encourage them kuinvesta muzvinhu zvinounza mari after retiring. Taneta nekuona vamwe vawo muMbare umo wave kutambudzika.

However, some were of the view that since it is his money he should be allowed to do whatever he pleases and that no one has any right to dictate what he should or shouldn’t do with his money.

Charles MapetoHe has Advisors, so don’t be jealous of the Young Man. He Respects a lot.It’s his Time to Enjoy.It’s Like Fashion, You wear, Drive, Eat what you afford.Appreciate his achievement and aim to be better than him.Gerald MusvoriwaHe can do whatever he wants with his money but my worry with Nakamba is his performance.Nathaniel SibandaPeople are very jealous..please make your own money and make your own decisions, don’t decide for someone else let the boy live his life.Kelvin SiguduMarvelous is a brand musade kumuudzira zvekuita, he knows what he is doing. He is worth millions so how much are you worth iwe ukuti asatenge a luxurious car zvimwe zvinhu kana tisina zvekutaura ingobata ka Like unyerere. Ukuda ayende kumba kwa Prince ne fortuner here. He’s a sportsman let him cruise with a sports car period.

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