Slay Queens Arrested, Humiliated after Blesser Went AWOL


In an embarrassing development, three slay queens from South Africa were humiliated after their blesser went AWOL on them.

The three yet-to-be-identified ladies were reportedly arrested after they failed to foot their hotel bills.

A video footage of the three ladies in handcuffs trying to apologize to the hotel manager after failing to pay the required amount has since flooded social media.

According to the ladies, the guy who was supposed to take care of the bills left the hotel and never came back.

In the video, one of the three ladies wearing all black can be heard telling the cleaner to get a job. She can also be heard threatening to sue the person taking the video.

The cleaner sarcastically responds and asks her how she intends to sue them when they can’t even pay for a stay in a hotel.

Watch the video below;

They must learn to pay their bill. 😌 😢 😭 😂

— Man’s NOT Barry Roux  (@AdvoBarryRoux) May 11, 2021

One of the ladies’ reaction after they were arrested left many in stitches.

Here are some of the comments from social media;

Restaurant should just accept cash immediately when you get to the restaurant then give you a table let you eat drink drink then when you done give you your bill then deduct from the money u paid when you got in and give you your change . ☺️😌

— UDADEWENU♥️ (@Grace91089382) May 11, 2021

They got what they deserve, it’s a lesson that women must also be independent,this generation ya ma 2000 is too much dependable on men,it has become a social norm and acceptable to be a “gold digger”, men have their own financial problems as well and they don’t print money.

— Teboho Mohoto (@BlackBaas1) May 11, 2021

Some of these South African women are embarrassing. This is really sad. How the hell do you get all dressed up and head all the way out to drink booze the money for which you don’t have? South African women need to start calling one another out.

— White Shaka (@Short_Tempa) May 11, 2021

Sue how? Kodwa you can’t afford to pay the bill

— Otieno (@MyirhaZiyeka) May 11, 2021

Lol….Imagine mara🤣🤣🤣🤣…. With that fluent English but cant pay the bill?

— N K A T E K O CA (SA)🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 (@Mbhape1) May 11, 2021

Source | ZA News Online

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