Malawi Government Realises Potential In Extractive Industry


By Draxon Maloya

Malawi. – State president, Lazarus Macarthy Chakwera has expressed the need for full expedition of the country’s mining industry if realization of the 2063 dream to economic growth and prosperity should be realized saying the era for economic mismanagement is over.

Chakwera said despite abundant mineral deposited in all the hot districts of the country it contribute less than 3 percent (%) of the whole Gross Domestic Products (GDP) since the industry has not been expedited to it’s maximum potential.

Speaking during his usual Sunday night state of the nation address, Chakwera emphasized on the need to revamp the industry to it’s maximum productivity by among others recruiting mining experts in various fields in the next financial calendar whom he said have been neglected for so long.

“I am instructing the Secretary in the office of President and Cabinet to work with the Ministry of Mining to expedite the recruitment of mining experts who are just idle, I am also committing my Adminstration to the training of additional expertise for the sector.

The Malawi leader then bemoaned decades of unpatriotism, leadership, indiscipline, lack of proper organization and collaborated efforts to blend the natural resources under the feet with available human resources to create developmental riches than will last and serve generations.

However, Chakwera’s dream for economic growth through the mining sector, his state of the nation address has open another heated debate on various social media platforms with some active citizens calling on investors in the mining sector to consider avoid continued exploitation of the communities living in resources rich areas.

Several contributors are of the view that investors should consider settling their headquarters offices in cities of the region they are carrying out the operations which will ensure equal distribution of infrastructure development.

One of the contributors only identified himself as Moses Mosiah Msiska expressed the need for the mining investors to bring standard social services that should help to sustain the native’s well being.

“We need more than development from the mining investors, it is the right time the should develop areas where mining is taking place with standard social services that would help the to sustain the native’s well being. For countless decades that have passed people in the rural areas has contributed to employment of low wages,” Msiska said.

However, commenting on the issue one of the Civil Society Organization leaders, who is also project manager for the Mining department at Church and Society Paul Mvula said Government would have taken this broad stand long time ago.

“As CSOs we are extremely happy because all along we have been saying that the Extractive Industry in particular has the highest potentia to equal the Ministry of Agriculture in terms of wrecking revenue for this country and now that there is this serious approach we are ready to render support towards the realization of this initiative,” Mvula said.

The CSO leader then uppload the president’s aticulation that the Reserve Bank of Malawi should use the legal framework to start buying Gold saying what has been missing is action while expressing hope that there will be transparency, accountability and responsiveness bearing in mind that those who have been benefitting from the industry would not love to see new players coming in.

In March this year, Government of Malawi shipped 25 000 tonnes of white quarts mineral stone samples to China to check the kind of mineral it contains which some mining experts says will fetch up to USD$878 million.

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