Soldier Killed By Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband Demanding His Lobola Back


A soldier from Makumire Village under Chief Bota and based at 4.1 Infantry Brigade was killed by his girlfriend’s ex-husband who was demanding his lobola back at Svuure Shopping Centre in Zaka last week.

Munyaradzi Chikovore is alleged to have been killed by his girlfriend Melody Munyaradzi’s ex-husband Samson Muzivirwa.

According to Tellzim, Chikovore and Munyaradzi were seated at a Church of Christ building at Svuure Business Center when the latter’s ex-husband arrived.

Muzivirwa is alleged to have attacked his ex-wife first on the head and arm with an iron bar before she escaped and sought refuge nearby.

Sources say Muzivirwa was demanding his lobola back while attacking his ex-wife.

The enraged Muzivirwa is said to have pursued his ex-wife with the intention to attack her further but was restrained by onlookers.

The ex-wife is said to have fled and locked herself in a shop prompting Muzivirwa to go after Chikovore who was ambushed and assaulted by an iron rod accusing him of snatching his wife.

The now-deceased tried to escape but was pursued and the attack continued. Chikovore’s body was discovered close to Svuure Business Centre the following morning by villagers who alerted the police. Tellzim

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