“AFM Pastor Molest Minor”…Blames Church Factionalism


“AFM Pastor Molest Minor”…Blames Church Factionalism

A Rusape pastor, Kindness Tashu, stands accused of molesting a member of hisflock— who is a minor— after having late night prayers in his office.

A report was lodged at Rupse Police Station referencing CR2510421. Pastor Tashu, who leads an AFM assembly, denied the allegations stating that he did not molest the girl even though he conducted prayer sessions.

He claimed the story was a gimmick to tarnish him because of factional fights within the church.

“This thing is a plot.

A lot of church politics is at play. The accusations are influenced by factions. They want to tarnish my name in the community and they are simply fighting me.

“On the mentioned day, I just took her for prayer sessions. These people are not real members of the church.

They are fueling church factions and nothing else. These are all fabrications and I will prove myself in court,” Pastor Tashu said.

Speaking to H-Metro, the brother of the alleged victim said: “The pastor molested the girl during a prayer session. “He is in our neighbourhood and he took advantage of the fact that all other family members were away except my sister.

“My mom had left the pastor’s wife as the guardian of the girl during the family’s absence. The pastor tricked the girl into late prayers in an attempt to sleep with her after cell groups.

On the day, the pastor called her to his office and prayed for her more than five times. He then told the girl he wanted to teach her how to handle a man in bed.

“It was then that he pushed the girl towards the walls and started fondling her. This happened after 10:30pm when other family members were already asleep at the pastor’s house.

“We have lodged a report at Rusape Police Station for indecent assault. We tried to discuss the issue with him to hear his side of the story and he was so defensive claiming that we don’t understand how the spiritual realm works.

“We then reported him to the police station,” the brother said. ZIMETRO

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