Tatelicious: MudiwaHood going after Ruvheneko


Tatelicious: MudiwaHood going after Ruvheneko. So we all know that Mudiwa Hood has been single for a while after his divorce with baby mama Angelica, and it’s been like what nearly years since they moved apart and we believe they are in the courts finalising the divorce.

Recently we heard that media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is doing the same procedure wth her husband after the two separated in 2016 and were trying to see where things would take them but both parties have agreed that after 6 years there is no future between them.

She Ruvheneko filed for a proper divorce recognised by the court and her husband didn’t refuse the offer either. So very soon legally Ruvheneko will be single as as Mudiwa Hood. WHich has left social media wanting the two to try something out. Social media gossiper Queen Tatelicious had a rumour circulating claiming that Mudiwa might be going after Ruvheneko.

Source – MbareTimes

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