Watch Video: Another 1Njuzu Video Goes – “Orarwa nemupfanha anekadora”


1Njuzu is back again on the viral web with a new video, this time she is not alone in rubbing her ‘Mughodi’.

1Njuzu has been trending on the social media streets since yesterday and all for the wrong reasons, the recently found fame 1Njuzu has had several videos leaked by allegedly ex-boyfriend.

From a video of 1Njuzu rubbing her ‘mughodi’ to a recently released one of the bootful woman with a small boy who apparently has a small gun.

The video has been laughed off as the boy failed to even fire his gun as it was only reaching the outer part of the field.

This kid failed to represent his hometown after being given a chance to score in an empty field, as many would say “He was swallowed by the field”.

Please click this link if you are 18 years and above You can watch the video here

In a recent video seen by ZiMetro, Njuzu has said an ex-boyfriend has leaked her private video which are now all over social media.

She said the videos were taken in 2018. She said she was initially distraught when she realized what had happened.

Njuzu Speaks On Her Viral 'Mughodhi' Leaked Video

But now she said she has come to terms with it as she said there was nothing she could do about it.

She denied that she had leaked the videos. Njuzu said the former boyfriend had leaked the videos to ruin her current relationship.

Monalisa ‘1njuzu’ Zulu who has of late been known as the trouble maker and relationship breaker, has her video leaked on social media.

Monalisa aka Njuzu - The Woman who has locked Social Media Streets

1njuzu who recently officialized her relationship with South African-based socialite and businessman Trevor Mbizvo affectionately known as “The Hell Commander,” was today trolled by black Twitter for apparently having what they classified as a “huge stonyeni.”

Her stonyeni went viral and left Zimbabwean men craving more as the video lasted just less than a minute…

Source | ZiMetro News

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