N’anga up for rape after he tried to push herbs using his big ‘blambee’


A local n’anga was yesterday dragged into court charged with rape after he reportedly told his patient he needed to push medicinal herbs into her womb using his manhood.

Steven Nyashanu Mabviregudo was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

Allegations are that on March 3, the complainant went to Mabviregudo’s place of residence seeking medication and she narrated to him that she was having severe period pains and he advised her that the problem would be solved at a private place.

He reportedly told her that he wanted to put some medicine into her vagina and push it inside with his manhood into her womb and they went into his bedroom and he ordered her to lie down on the bed facing upward.

Mabviregudo reportedly started caressing her thighs and removed her clothes and raped her without using the herbs and after having sexual intercourse with her, he told her she was possessed and needed to be cleansed.

He also told her that if she disclosed the matter to anyone she would go blind and her mother would die and her family would spend their lives on the streets but she later disclosed the matter to her mother leading to Mabviregudo’s arrest.

He was remanded in custody until April 26. Zimetro

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