DJ Tamuka proves once again that he is a magician


There is always a question of who is the best producer in Zimbabwe currently and a number of familiar names pop up.

Well you might choose whoever you want but what we have observed is that amongst all of them there is only one magician and that is DJ Tamuka.

From Jah Prayzah to Tamy Moyo, Mathias Mhere, Roki, ExQ and Nutty O, he has proven that he can handle any genre and deliver a sweet project that causes the nation to ball.

This past Saturday DJ Tamuka was at it again, swinging his wand at the National Arts Merit Awards.

For a nation which rarely gets sweet remixes, Tamuka showed us that he can with amazing deliveries in the rejigging of the hit track ‘Kokai’ and the mashup of golden oldies, ‘Rudo Imoto’ and ‘True Love’.

The mix, energy he had taken his time to reconstruct the works as all three songs are masterpieces’ that require delicacy if one considers recreating them.

If it were someone else, we would have probably ended up ruing the reason for remixing but the crew delivered.

Tamuka would not have done it without the brilliance of acts such as Nutty O, Poptain, Anita, Tamy, Mzoe7, ExQ and Busi Ncube as well as the superb musicians that were involved in the production process.

Another factor we learnt of on the night of the awards is that Zimbabwe’s creatives are not too far at all.

Yes, some African pop stars are bagging Grammy Awards and BET’s annually and we are not but when it comes to the competitive edge, we are definitely getting there.

All that is required now is that the right people for the job take up their positions and not some power hungry maggots who love hogging the limelight for individual gain. zimbojam

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