Zimbabwean Jazz Legend Friday Mbirimi Dies


A Zimbabwean Jazz legend, Friday Mbirimi who was a member of the popular township Jazz group, the Mbare Trio has died.The Mbare Trio consisted of the late Lovejoy Mbirimi, Friday’s brother who died August last year, as well as William Kashiri (former Harare Mambos singer).The Jazz legend was also a former Harare Mambos singer.

His death was announced by veteran musician, Clive Mono Mukundu who posted on social media platforms expressing his sadness. He said:Member Of Popular Jazz Group, The Mbare Trio Dies R.I.P FRIDAY MBIRIMI: Just 2 days ago Hope Masike called me & said “Your friend Friday Mbirimi is not feeling well, go & see him’. I was planning to visit him on Friday after my exams, & before I did I have just got the news that he has passed on.

This is a very bad period for sure.Friday Mbirimi was one of the popular township Jazz group,the Mbare Trio.Despite our age gap we ended up being very close friends & we would exchange comical friendly insults on facebook together with Master Pablo Nakappa ,Tomson Chauke,Tendai Manatsa & others,some even thought the insults were real.

Of course all musicians are natural comics but mdara Friday was the funniest musician ever,& aidenha rough,we will miss all those moments. I will look for one final insult kana shungu dzatidererei.

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