ZANU PF refutes NewsDay story


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The ruling Zanu PF party has refuted a story published last Monday by the NewsDay publication claiming that the party was printing opposition party’s regalia to fake opposition defections.

In a statement, ZANU PF’s Spokesperson, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said allegations that the party was printing opposition’s regalia are laughable and shows the desperation of the opposition parties to tarnish the image of the ruling party.

“ZANU PF has taken note of the spurious, frivolous and baseless allegations emanating from embattled opposition elements accusing the Party of printing opposition regalia supposedly to fake opposition defections. Without meandering, let those making such allegations awaken to the reality that ZANU PF will continue  to welcome warmly those coming back home and the Party has neither resources to waste printing regalia for embattled political outfits.

“We are aware that those laughable allegations are desperate self-serving and self-consoling statements coming out from moribund and desperate factional groups that have literally ran out of political oxygen following mass defections of their members coming to ZANU PF,” said Ambassador Moyo.

Ambassador Moyo said ZANU PF has no business with the opposition’s waning political fortunes as it focused on working towards the attainment of 5 million registered voters for the Party come 2023.

The ZANU PF Spokesperson added that the opposition’s propaganda cannot defend the reality that its members are defecting in numbers to the ruling party.

“The opposition and its propaganda mouthpieces cannot defend the blatant lies and fake news creations that defections are false, when they are high profile defections which continue to unfold across districts, provinces and at national level,” said Ambassador Moyo.

Ambassador Moyo said the mass defections are a vote of confidence in ZANU PF and a sign that the opposition’s empire is crumbling.

He urged the media to report responsibly and avoid impeding the freedoms which the New Dispensation has brought about.

Shocked with the recent mass defections of its senior members to the ruling Party, the MDC Alliance has insinuated that the defections were being stage managed by the ruling ZANU PF to set a favorable political agenda.

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