Teacher Arrested After Beating Pupil’s Butt Until He Couldn’t Sit!


A 12-year old boy at Fungai Government Primary School in Chitungwiza was given a thorough beating until he could no longer sit by his teacher.

The issue has long been reported to the police for further investigations.

Onismus Chitembwe is said to have been beaten by his teacher ‘Mr Sibanda’ for making too much noise in the class and not writing properly.

According to Kwayedza News who spoke to the parent of the child, they reported the issue to Makoni ZRP station in Chitungwiza.

“The teacher gave me 52 lashes while other pupils helped him count, the following day he gave me 5 more lashes and those were the most painful as I was already in pain.”

Onismus’s mother only became aware of the issue from her aunt’s kids who were concerned by how the pupil was walking and seating in the classroom.

Kwayedza is in possession of photographs showing the pupils’ backside and they deemed them graphic images and can’t be published on this platform.

Below is a video of the parent speaking:

Source | Kwayedza

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