Ruth Makandiwa escape death by a whisker


Ruth Makandiwa, the wife of Emmanuel Makandiwa, was on Wednesday around 330pm escaped death by a whisker in a near head-on collision with a vehicle that deliberately drove into her lane along Harare – Chegutu road.

It is reported that the Woman of God, who was travelling with all her children in the same car, also had her security vehicle following behind her.

She was driving from Harare and as they passed Norton just a kilometer before the tollgate, a gold Jeep Grand Cherokee came speeding towards her vehicle in a one-way dual lane, ignoring hooters and warnings from other motorists in broad daylight.

Apparently the security team identified a Ford Ranger with South African registration numbers following them from the Kuwadzana round about.

They even stopped at some point to give it a chance to overtake but the driver of the Ford ranger would also reduce speed and remain behind them.

The Ruth Makandiwa’s vehicle is said to have tried to dodge the oncoming car by opening the right lane to the left and just at that time strangely, the Ford ranger stayed adjacent to her car on the left before stopping in the middle of the road (white lane)

The security vehicle following behind skidded off the road to avoid hitting the Prophetess car and the Ford Ranger stationed in front and they veered off and stopped on the left side of the forest after they also avoided the Jeep that had missed their leader but did not overturn.

The Jeep then immediately sped off as security came rushing back onto the road on foot from the forest, raising questions in the Makandiwa camp as to whether this was an innocent mistake and the jeep still proceeded in that same wrong lane or if it was yet another attempt on their lives.

Amazingly, just across the road the Ford was seen going back now facing Norton’s direction meaning it never crossed the tollgate.

All information was given to Norton police and they are trying to retrieve the camera footage at the tollgate.

Ruth Makandiwa escape death by a whisker

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