Pastor Chris lies that 5.3 billion people watched his service live


Pastor Chris recently claimed that his two day of prayer global program had a viewership of over 5,3 billion people a claim which came under scrutiny from many other interested parties.

Solomon Ashok a South African journalist possed a lot of questions regarding this issue. Firstly the ascertion is impedded by the mere fact that there are only 7,9 billion people on earth and only 38% of them are Christians.

He further argued that 1,9 billion of those people are in India and most of them are Bhudists .To add on to that most of them are also in China as well and are of the Mundane tradition.

To disect the issue of internet users , statistics show that only 4.8 billion people are mobile users and 4,3 billion are internet users . To hold up the claim by pastor Chris it means every internet user was connected together with their family.

Some would argue that there are also TV viewers , statistics have shown us that 1,7 billion is the only fraction of television users.

Solomon holds up that the Fifa world cup final remains the most viewed program on earth . It is very difficult to trust the figures by pastor Chris as there is no evidence to sustain the claim.

Watch the video below:

Source | Uncle Solomon

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