Why did President Ramaphosa humiliates President Mnangagwa at Magufuli Funeral?


South African President Cyril Ramaphosa took a moment to display how Emmerson Mnangagwa betrayed South Africa’s blacks during the difficult Apartheid era.

During his prepared-speech at the funeral of the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, Ramaphosa revealed the hidden thoughts of many in the African National Congress over Mnangagwa, who signed secret deals with the racist apartheid regime to sabotage the efforts of liberating blacks.

Mnangagwa is on video in 1986 advising that Zimbabwe must ‘stay away’ from assisting South Africa’s blacks during the time when he was the State Security Minister.

At a time when every other border country was assisting black South Africans militarily, a cowardly Mnangagwa would come on video to say he is afraid of the racist apartheid regime. Mnangagwa is on video saying, he is afraid because at any time the racist regime could ‘strangle us.’ Mnangagwa would soon after that reveal his advisory which was to stay away from South African affairs. (see video below)

Below is the video – Zimeye

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