Matemadanda, good riddance, too blind to see, never learnt anything…ngazviende


President Mnangagwa thank you for firing Matemadanda, I do not think he likes this country, its people and its future direction.

All people in Zimbabwe are Zimbabweans, why does he discriminate opposition members as if they belong to another country, why not use inclusive language about all the people. I support Zanu PF but I hate the language that Matemadanda uses every time he opens his mouth. Chamisa that, Chamisa this, does he not know that Chamisa is a much loved and popularly supported Zimbabwean politician?

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa you have done well this week by firing the outspoken Zanu PF political commissar Victor Matemadanda, I even liked it when you demoted him from his defence ministerial post where he was deputising Oppah Muchinguri.

The firing of Victor Matemadanda has taught other big-name politicians that no matter who you are you can be tossed and disposed easily at will in Zanu PF. [NGAAENDE HATIMUDI] LET HIM GO WE DO NOT WANT HIM

Victor Matemadanda should have learnt when Mugabe chucked him out in the cold, he quickly moved to side with the people and then quickly forgot about the people when second republic came into power.

Why did Matemadanda never learnt anything, Mugabe knew that he was useless and never a national leader at all. he fired him. For a moment we all thought that he was unfairly treated, and everyone rallied to support him. For once he was talking sense and being reasonable. His true colours were REVEALED when he was included IN THE SECOND REPUBLIC.

Matemadanda never waisted any time and chance to become cold and nasty. He became aggressive to the very people who stood with him fighting for democracy. One thing he did not know was that even the new dispensation was not prepared to work with a low life like him. He had a lot of precedence to follow and learn from the folks who went ahead of him. The following people did the same task and fall at the test of democracy at large, some paid by their lives and some with their jobs, but the common base is that they all failed the people, and he should have learnt a lesson which made these people not succeed, Mayor Urimbo, Maurice Nyagumbo, Movern Mahachi, Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika, Webster Shamu, Engelbert Rugeje.

They say in English, the truth will always catch up with you, you mistreat people and think you are the only one deserving, now you are just a card-carrying tom and jerry. You have been humiliated Victor, this is called Zanu PF it uses you and throw you out, now they will give him a bread crumb just to keep him at bay otherwise he is just a nobody anymore.

The views from a couple of people talking about Victor Matemadanda, they all agree that he deserved to be fired because he was not worth the position, he is too selfish and arrogant at the same time. He is not broad minded and not suitable to occupy national office. In Zimbabwe we have opposition members who are denied their right by people like Victor Matemadanda. He thinks Zimbabwe belongs to a few. Every family in Zimbabwe went to war and only a few who joined a year or two before its end are claiming to be the rightful custodians of being called Zimbabwe war veterans.

Victor Matemadanda was never and will never be a national leader let alone a hero, he is just a puppet who sings for a cup of coffee or a plate of lunch. He can do anything just to be seen as a leader. People like him should never come close to national leadership positions, they say a leopard will never change its spots, how do you give Matemadanda another post hoping that he changes, he will never change especially now, he is wounded, he will start to work to have another …..confusion in the government. One day we are going to read again that Matemadanda has been fired for the third time. Now, we know you, we are not going to stand with you anymore…You have shown your ass and we have come to know you……..ngazviende izvi hatizvidi, let him go, we do not want him near any position.

These are the words that describe Victor Matemadanda, Seemingly incompetent, radical and foolish, selfish and short-sighted, cunning, pompous, self-seeking, dishonest, weak and cold. He is never a national leader.

Let him go, he and his likeminded people are destroying the idea of a good Zimbabwe that we want for everyone not just a few thieves. Even President Mnangagwa has seen that and fired him, ngazviende, let him go.

From a real Zimbabwean who loves all my people NO MATTER WHAT THEIR POLITICAL AFFILIATION. ……Lee

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