A prophet from Bulawayo demands sex as payment for his services


A self proclaimed prophet known as Madzibaba Rejinayi from Bulawayo has been exposed by one of his clients for demanding sex in exchange for healing. A revelation by his clients’ husband has put the prophet in the mess he is in today.

A prophet from Bulawayo demands sex as payment for his services

According to Amon Marufu, Madzibaba Rejinayi extorted for sex from his client in exchange for healing their sick child. The whole scandal came to light when Amon found messages in his wife’s phone in which the prophet was seducing her.

“I found love messages sent by Madzibaba Rejinayi in my wife’s phone. When I confronted him and asked why he was doing it, he started threatening me with death.”

“What happened is we consulted him to heal our sick child. Once the child started showing signs of recovery, Madzibaba Rejinayi started asking for sex from my wife. Instead of concentrating on our sick son, he was busy pestering my wife to quench his sexual appetite,” said Amon Marufu.

In order to convince Amon’s wife Ropa Nyathi, Madzibaba Rejinayi pledged to give Ropa money to start a business and rent an apartment which they could use as their love nest. The chats in possession of BMetro shows that the prophet kept persisting with his proposal until Ropa told her husband.

Ropa Nyathi confirms that Madzibaba Rejinayi made several moves on her after healing their son.

“It is true that Madzibaba Rejinayi proposed love to me. I found the development extremely difficult to comprehend considering that I am a married woman and the man proposing love to me is a prophet who has been helping us,” she said.

However, Madzibaba Rejinayi denies all allegations. He actually says that he only assisted the couple when their son was sick.

“The time they consulted me they were already having problems in their marriage. At one time they phoned me to come to their house to resolve their marital problems after they fought. Amon was accusing his wife of cheating and the wife confessed that she had a boyfriend.”

The prophet also admits that he threatened Marufu with death because he was angry with his constant accusations.


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