Mambo Dhuterere finally reveals his real age

Mambo Dhuterere and wife
Mambo Dhuterere and wife

Popular singer Mambo Dhuterere (real name Darlington Mutseta) has bowed down to pressure to reveal his real age as he celebrates his birthday today.

Taking to social media, the artist posted screenshots of his national Identity card showing he was born on 3 March 1992 which makes him 29-years-old.

Dhuterere looks older than his age and so did Mathias Mhere and others thought. The artist reveals in a post.

Mathias Mhere is 32 years of age.

Some time ago in 2020, the couple torched social media storm after unsubstantiated comments went viral suggesting that Dhuterere is only aged 26 years old while his wife is just 24 years of age, a stark contrast to the pair’s rather elderly looks.

This prompted ridicule from social media users.

In a hearty birthday message for his wife, the Dare Guru singer rubbished the claims hinting that his wife passed the 24-year mark a long time ago.

(Happy birthday people’s mom. May God keep you safe as we help each other nurture our children… (Note) She is not aged 24, she passed that mark a long time ago). Online news

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