ZRP cashing in on informal traders over lockdown regulations


The Zimbabwe Republic Police is surely taking advantage of the lockdown extension. The President of ZImbabwe mentioned during his address that informal traders can open if they meet the World Health Organization’s requirements. However, police officers patrolling Harare CBD are forcing the closure of shops citing lockdown measures. Shops that pay the officers a bribe remain open and will not be bothered.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is surely taking advantage of the lockdown extension

“We have been forced to close the shop by police, but we all have the necessary measures in place. We can only open if we pay some bribes to the officers,” a shop owner said.

Informal traders are not really happy with the extension of the lockdown. A vendor from Harare reports that it is cruel for the government to continue with the lockdown without mitigating effects that come with it.

“The police let us open after paying some bribes to the officers. Initially we were told to close”, the shop owner adds.

Video ZRP officer caught on camera pocketing a bribe

“I want to see the President because we have suffered”, another informal trader says. Corrupt law enforcers continue to take the lockdown as a cash cow and putting people’s lives at risk.

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, the government counts on police officers to enforce social distancing and wearing of masks. Offenders however end up giving out bribes to get away with breaking the law.

Recently, a ZRP officer takes a bribe from a motorist oblivious to the driver’s phone recording him. On a roadblock, the police officer approaches the vehicle and the driver immediately forks out some money while recording the officer on his phone. The driver hands out the money to which the police officer takes it in a slick manner and let the driver go.

Despite masses’ outcry to these briberies, these handouts help most law enforcers whose salaries are to low to sustain their livelihoods.


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