Vusi Nova speaks about affair rumours with Somizi


Somizi and Vusi Nova spend so much time together that social media has been quick to blame Vusi Nova for Somizi and Mohale’s marital problems. However, Vusi Nova has finally broken the silence on the rumours.

Speaking on What’s Your Poison?, a podcast hosted by  Jon Savage, Vusi Nova narrated how his friendship with Somizi goes back years before he (Vusi Nova) made it into the industry.

“I have known Somizi for 16 years. I met him before I even got into the music industry. He’s so real and supportive. People out there are saying that we are dating but we’re not dating. We have mutual respect for each other and we trust each other a lot. With us, it’s realness all the way. It’s been 16 years now and we’re still going strong.”

 Vusi Nova speaks about affair rumours with Somizi

Vusi Nova and Somizi’s friendship has been on the spotlight multiple times. Vusi Nova was Somizi and Mohale’s groomsman and the pair actually have a song together. The two went for a bestycation without Mohale. One bestycation that had tongues wagging. The two jetted off to Cape Town and shared beautiful pictures that had people trolling Somizi for his husband’s absence. The pair was also in Limpopo together recentlt, enjoy gamd drives, the Kruger Shalati Train ride and so much more luxury. Clearly inseparable! While Somizi and Vusi Nova’s pics are all over social media, Somizi has kept Mohale out of his social media. 

Somizi and Mohale have been having problems and so it was assumed that the two’s problems had something to do withi Somizi and Vusi Nova. While Mohale chooses not to speak, Somizi has spoken up about how Mohale is always on his phone which has caused a gap in their relationship. Somizi also said that every marriage has a very difficult year and their marriage is currently undergoing that difficult year.

 Vusi Nova speaks about affair rumours with Somizi

Through all the challenges that they face, Somizi has disputed rumours of a divorce fervently. The couple was very open about their relationship problems when they spoke to True Love. “Mohale and I have never split up, but we have challenges just like any other couple out there. We’re fortunate that we have other homes to retreat to when we choose not to be in the same space, so we either go to our home in the Vaal or Zimbali,” Somizi said. Savannanews

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