Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love has died


Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah love has died. Sources confirm that he died at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls. A few hours ago Passion Java posted a video on Instagram petitioning people to pray for the artist as his condition was critical. The artist had been battling diabetes for some time. Soul Jah Love was 31 years old.

Zimdancehall sensation Souljah Love has died

Born Saul Musaka Soul Jah Love rose to fame in 2012 with his track ‘Ndini uya uya’. Soul Jah Love contributed a lot to the foundation of the Zimdancehall genre. Each and every year the hitmaker made sure he would please his fans with hits like ‘Kuponda Nhamo’ in 2015 and ‘Pamamonya ipapo’ in 2017. Things were starting to rise even higher for him this year when he produced a video sponsored by Passion Java who had promised him a Mercedes Benz.

Soul Jah Love’s up bringing is painful as he always mentioned in his songs. He lost his mother when he was only 1 year old. By the time the artist was fifteen years old he had already his closest relatives including his grandmother and twin brother. At age 16 Chibaba was staying in the streets after his step mother had evicted him from their house.

Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love has died

Soul Jah Love was once married to Bounty Lisa a fellow Zimdancehall artist. The two split after Saul assaulted his wife. Soul Jah Love’s life was full of controversy but no doubt that made his music even more interesting. In 2019 the Zimdancehall artist turned his life around and was more concerned with being a better man.

Fellow Zimdancehall artists have taken to twitter after hearing the tragic and untimely passing of the artist. Enzo Ishall posted a picture of him and Soul Jah Love with the caption,

“My King, My Bredah…Why”

“RIP King of Dancehall”

Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love has died

Zimdancehall will never be the same without Soul Jah Love


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