Video: Soldier mercilessly batters wife’s lover in public


A video is moving around on social media of a soldier mercilessly beating his wife’s lover in public. In the video a man in his casual clothing is seriously beating another man and pulling him like a log. The crowd watches in fear and begs the soldier to stop because he might kill his wife’s lover.

Both the soldier and victim’s names are unknown. Other men in the crowd seem to be supporting the soldier chanting words like,

“Teach him a lesson so that he does not repeat the same mistakes.”

Video Soldier mercilessly batters wife's lover in public

Sources say after much investigation the soldier finds out about his wife’s infidelity. One day out of the blue the soldier came home and found the two oblivious of the wretch that was awaiting them. Despite people asking the soldier to stop and the victims awful state, the soldier continues to drag the victim.

At some stage people though the wife’s lover was dying. This does not the attacker as he removes the victims belt and starts whooping the sufferer. Information that the assailant is a soldier is deduced from the video when one shouts,

“Soldiers can beat, You should never mess with a soldier’s wife.”

Such cases keep increasing day by day and it seems people do not learn. This lockdown keeps people confined to their phones which in the end leads to secrets being revealed. Cases of gender based violence have enormously increased because of these issues. People should respect each other and stay safe during this lockdown.


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