Video: ZRP officer caught on camera pocketing a bribe


A video is circulating on social media of a ZRP officer accepting a bribe at a roadblock. This officer appears like he is about to write a ticket for the driver but takes the money offered instead.

Video ZRP officer caught on camera pocketing a bribe

As part of enforcing lockdown regulations, roadblocks have been intensified to monitor traffic movement. To curb the spread of the virus roadblocks ensure that essential services’ personnel move from place to place with the right documentation. In the video we see a police officer approaching the driver in question holding a ticket book. The driver seeing that he is in trouble, quickly forks out some money and hands it to the officer.

“Just take the money and buy yourself a drink, just take it don’t worry,” the driver I sits as he drives away freely.

The officer does not hesitate to take the money but does it in a slick manner making sure his colleagues do not see  the money.

Video: ZRP officer caught on camera pocketing a bribe

This incident either shows how tough the situation in Zimbabwe is or how greedy the police officer is. After the increase of offense charges early this month, one reporter said this would encourage bribes looking at the economic situation in the country.

Video ZRP officer caught on camera pocketing a bribe

Like it is not enough, four police officers are in custody in Bulawayo for demanding and receiving a car as a bribe. This was a deal to free a suspect who was in custody for unlawful entry and theft. The police officers approached the suspect’s boyfriend after attempts to get a bribe from her sister and proved futile.

The police officers demanded US$500 to free the suspect. The sealing of the illicit deal saw the suspect being released from custody. The sudden increase in these cases of bribery is something the government needs to deal with from the roots.


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