Government to vaccinate 10 million Zimbabweans for free


Minister Monica Mutsvangwa says the Government of Zimbabwe will vaccinate 10 million Zimbabweans for free against the COVID-19 virus. The Minister of Information and Broadcasting services makes this statement after the Newsday had published that the government does not know which vaccine to procure.

Government to vaccinate 10 million Zimbabweans for free

The Secretary of Information in Zimbabwe Nick Mangwana posted on twitter saying that the first batch of the donated vaccine will arrive on the 15th of February 2021 with the other purchased vaccines expected during the first week of March. This statement made many wonder which vaccine and how much of it would be expected.

Also after the Cabinet briefing Minister Mutsvangwa reported that the Executive had agreed to  take its time to make a decision on which vaccine to import.  She also said that the vaccine donated Sinopharm has an efficacy between 76 and 86 percent

“In that regard, Cabinet endorsed the following key guidelines, The choice of vaccines need  to be science-based with adequate researches and findings guiding decision-making and the course of action. Zimbabwe will take decisions independently in the nation interest, without undue influence,” she said.

Government to vaccinate 10 million Zimbabweans for free

Since no information on type and quantity is given, the only relief Zimbabweans have is that the process will be free. Every one hopes that an efficient vaccine will arrive soon since rumours of a third and even stronger variant keep circulating.

Corporates and the private sector are allowed to procure vaccines for their staff provided they cede 50 per cent to the government.  On the vaccination process, Health and Child Care deputy Minister John Mangwiro said that the vaccine will be for free and to those willing to take the vaccine. He strongly urges the people of Zimbabwe to take the vaccine.

“We need need a lot of data. We will also collect blood to check for antibodies to COVID-19 in the participants and also to check if they had the disease at the time of testing. The Ministry also needs people to be ready to give the information which will also be critical when getting the second dose which will be administered around 30 days after the first dose,” the Deputy Minister said.


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