Social media activism will not remove ZANU PF: Mashakada


By Political Reporter – Hararepost

Senior MDC-T official, Tapiwa Mashakada has sensationally admitted that the ruling ZANU PF has massive support and will not be removed by social media.

Writing on his Facebook post yesterday, Mashakada, who is the MDC-T Treasurer General, urged the rival MDC Alliance to go to the rural areas and solicit for votes instead of using vulgar and hate language against ZANU PF.

“Facebook activism will not remove ZANU PF. The MDC Alliance should go out and seek rural votes. These MDC Alliance Facebook activists who use vulgar and foul language are not doing (Nelson) Chamisa a favor,” said Mashakada.

Mashakada added that opposition parties should seek relevance and influence instead of opposing everything the Zanu PF does, because they are opposition members.

“Any serious opposition should seek relevance and influence not be paper tigers,” added Mashakada.

Prominent Harare lawyer, Obert Gutu reiterated that ZANU PF will win the next elections because the opposition is in disarray.

“I know the Zimbabwean political terrain like the back of my hand. When I say 2023 is already taken, I am not being bitter. I am simply being rational and factual,” said Gutu.

Political analyst, Enoch Senzere, said facts on the ground are pointing to a ZANU PF win in 2023.

“In two years’ time, the country will go to the polls again and I am predicting a massive electoral victory for ZANU PF. This is so because, unlike other opposition parties whose members are only clustered in the towns, ZANU PF has massive support in both the urban and rural areas. The opposition is not doing much to improve their membership as they are spending time either fighting amongst themselves or unjustifiably attacking the Government,” said Senzere.

Senzere said he was seeing the opposition making the same mistake that Bobi Wine of Uganda made, that is confusing social media following to actual supporters.

The MDC Alliance’s members mostly dominate various social media sites attacking the ruling ZANU PF and Government. However, a research by this publication revealed that most of them are just social media activists who are not registered voters.

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