Lady Narrates How Her And Twin Brother Fell In Love, Married And Have A Child Together!


A woman has sparked controversy on social media after she shared her love story with her twin brother.

According to her, she and her twin brother have shared deep connections from when they were born and realized that they were each other’s soulmate.

According to the lady, she is now married to her brother and they both have a beautiful daughter together.

Taking to social media, the twin brothers and sisters shared their love stories and how they are going now.

They fell in love with each other while they were very young and continued to grow in love.

Their parents, who could not accept the rather unfortunate circumstances, threw them out of the house.

Both of them didn’t quit but they rather continued with their love affair as they were soo in love with each other.

They had their wedding ceremony, nobody showed up because it was termed a taboo for siblings of the same parent to be in a romantic relationship.

They, however, carried on, had a child at age 17 and still waxing strong.

Source | Pachopisa

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