Young Zimbabwean farmer making headlines -Emmanuel Chinavainzwa


Emmanuel Chinainzwa and wife are a young couple who are making headlines as far as farming is concerned. He is based in Mhangura mine, Zimbabwe. According to him he is mainly concentrating on farming maize at 4.5 hectares and ranching cattle. His cattle herd has grown up to 30 so far and he is still hoping to increase the number if everything works well.

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Video of workers in the field

Small scale farmers like Emmanuel Chinainzwa and wife who are passionate and hard working should not remain small but should aim to keep growing. With a helping hand from the state he should be able to move to a medium scale farmer. It is people like him and his family who are making a difference in feeding the nation and contributing to the economy of the country.

As a country we should believe in a bright future for Zimbabwe agriculture and we should understand the importance of making agriculture an attractive career option for young people like Emmanuel

Zimbabwe is an agricultural based economy we need to address agriculture’s image problems buttered over two decades and find ways to celebrate our successes, accentuate the positives and demonstrate the exciting future we can all share through farming.

The future of agriculture across Zimbabwe depends on our ability to convince young people like Emmanuel Chinainzwa that farming can be a worthwhile, rewarding and a financially sound career decision.

All of us have an interest in ensuring that the next generation is ready to take charge of Zimbabwean agriculture.

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Workers in the field

The big question that should be asked should be , “What has held young people back from embracing a career in agriculture?”

Video: All the cattle in the pen

Start-up capital is probably the major barrier keeping young people from a life on the land, a barrier which we are all aware of.

The economics of running a modern farm is also a critical factor. To generate a standard of living comparable to that achievable in other industries, a farm needs scale and investment.

The agricultural sector needs to find new ways to; secure the future of agriculture, for young people to realise their role in bolstering Zimbabwe’s food security

If Zimbabwe wants to get back to its jewel days as a southern Africa food hub, should start to in invest in people who are showing progress and success like Emmanuel. In many cases, though, simply giving a young person a loan is not enough. Zimbabwe need to ensure that recipients of government loans, and indeed any of their help, have the skills and resources at their fingertips to improve the way they run their business. Rather than just providing a loan, we often recommend vocational courses and link farmers with mentors to improve their skill set and, hopefully, help them to make a success of their farming venture.

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  1. Changare says

    Well done Emmanual

  2. Tongai says

    We need more of you

  3. Edward Rusere says please bring us more news like this, uri kugona shamwari, ramba wakadaro

  4. Tendai says

    Tikawana 10 000 of you in Zimbawe that means we 10 000 x 30 cows = 300 000 cattle nyama yaichanetsi

  5. Tungwarara says

    Zvinofadza zvawaita izvi ndiyo nzira inopedza nzara munyika

  6. Tawanda Musariri says

    Well done, I hope you are going to increase your production every single time

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