Government funds will pay for COVID-19 vaccine


The Government of Zimbabwe will fund the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines. This I’ll be enough to inoculate about two thirds of the adult population. The secretary of Finance and Economic Development George Guvamatanga confirms.

In a text message, George Guvamatanga says,

“Once all scientific verifications are complete, Treasury has the capacity to pay for vaccines. We believe these will meet the need of each and every Zimbabwean who will go for the vaccination process.”

He also says revenue inflows from the 2 per cent tax on electronic transactions, monthly fiscal surplus and unallocated reserves in the national budget will be used to fund for the vaccines.

Government funds will pay for COVID-19 vaccine

However, he denies to further comment on the amount budgeted by the Treasury.

Zimbabwe is engaging at least seven manufacturers in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and India to secure vaccines. With a population of almost 15 million, Zimbabwe looks to cover two thirds of he adult population.

Despite the fact Zimbabwe is on a 30 day strict lock down, Mr. George Guvamatanga assures citizens that the government I not shut and it is still generating income.

As of 27 January 2021, 380 new cases were confirmed with 19 deaths recorded. This brings the cumulative cases to 32 304. 23687 recoveries have been registered. A total of 1122 deaths due to COVID-19 have been noted.


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