Controversial Prophet Passion Java Promises Souljah Love A Mercedes-Benz


Of late Zimbabwean dancehall sensation Souljah Love has been trending for wrong reasons but it seems as if he is back with a bang. No doubt Passion Java has given Jah Love a second chance to redeem his career. The Ndini Uya Uya hitmaker is making waves across Zimbabwe after he dropped his new hit with Passion Records.

by Lee JuniorSavannanews

Souljah Love who has experienced a turbulent time with his career in recent times seems to be back among the hits. Despite his “Taneta Nenhamo”  failing to make a mark earlier this month the chanter is back with another single.

Controversial Prophet Passion Java Promises Souljah Love A Mercedes-Benz 
Controversial Prophet Passion Java Promises Souljah Love A Mercedes-Benz

Sauro, as he is affectionally known by many, dropped a hit  “Simudza Gumbo”  with Passion Java records.  The Flamboyant man of the oath is well known for changing the lives of many ZimDancehall artists through capital incentives and life-changing opportunities.

Passion Java didn’t spare Jah Love from his noble gestures. However, Passion Java has promised to buy Souljah Love a car if his latest single hits one million views within 2 weeks. In a post on his Instagram page, he had this to say.

“Video ikasvika 1 million views in 2 weeks chibaba ndikumutengera mota (Benz) uyu adzoka uyu!!!”

In translation. If the video gets to one million views in 2 weeks, I’m going to buy a car for Souljah Love (Benz) he’s back!!!

Last year Passion Java also made a promise to buy Uncle Epatan a new Mercedes Benz in a video where he said he would be buying himself a Bugatti. This came after arguably Epatan’s biggest career moment as he had just collaborated with Tanzania’s Rayvanny on the song Cat Walk.

Although having had a public dispute with Enzo Ishall over failure to pay him. The Gafa prophet as he calls himself delivered on his promise. In October last year, Uncle Epatan posted a video showing off his brand new Mercedes Benz from the prophet, a car almost similar to Killer T’s recent import, a Mercedes Benz E350.

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