There is no bigger politician in Zimbabwe than Nelson Chamisa. Mwonzora is a round about, Chamisa is a straight road


The MDC Alliance leader is the biggest politician in Zimbabwe right now. Most people are blind they do not see the future.

“I was not kicked out of the MDC Alliance but I had to quit after realising that I could no longer belong to a party which does not exist. I supported Chamisa but since he no longer has a party, I decided to leave him

Kudakwashe bhasikiti

I am going to base my argument based on the statement dished out by Kudakwashe Bhasikiti recently.

Nelson Chamisa knows pretty well that right now as long as covid-19 is ravaging across the globe there is no foothold or strategy which he can manipulate or attempts to bolster to bring havoc or defeat to the opposite enemy  in order to achieve an end goal.

So the way he is reacting to whatever is happening is the right decision and principle. Let the ruling party deal with the pandemic and Douglas Mwonzora who is alleged to be on their payroll, earmarked to destroy MDC Alliance from inside.

Tendai Biti said it right before, you can rig the election but you cannot rig the economy. It is not what is practical on the ground right now in Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe’s problem is that of ZANU PF HAS FAILED to identify the most priced asset of our time [ Nelson Chamisa ]

Once they have him in government, all things will start to fall in place because three quarter if not all majority of people including a lot more from ZANU PF believe in him, THERE ARE JUST SCARED TO COME OUT SUPPORTING HIM. Chamisa is the only missing link that is needed to bring in confidence that is solely required in our government to function well enough. We all understand that Government does not need one person nor does one person run run the government. It is a question of legitimacy and confidence that is lacking and can ONLY be attained by his inclusion. Jealous down, the guy is loved across the nation.

The other major obstacle besides sanctions as we all hear day and night is corruption, it has become so cancerous to the extent that everyone is turning to corruption for answers to everyday life solutions.

We lived in a Zimbabwe that was ruled by ZANU PF after independence through to mid 90’s when everything was in full swing and in working order, near enough perfect.

All of sudden it appears as if Zanu PF has lost its manual to govern, everything now is haphazard and half baked

Nothing is really functioning, The President is mobilising the whole world to come and invest whereas the political situation in the country is yet to be solved even the sons and daughters of the soil who are in the diaspora are not willing. There are having doubts about investing in their own country let alone the foreigners.

When you see most of the type of people who are investing now you can tell that there are not genuine investors more like dealers who are looking for opportunity to pounce on corruption and benefit in the dark of the night time before it becomes clear in the day. The most ancient manual to good governance is not in heaven, we all know it without reading or be told by anyone.

The Government of Zimbabwe only needs to know the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s economic and social resources for development. Once you know how, then it is just a matter of following step by step, whenever there is a conflict, the rules of the political system are called into play accordingly.

This brings me into another point, In Zimbabwe there is no political will. It seems our leaders respect power rather than their legacy or the need to protect their citizens. “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

We are lacking on the basics needs of life

  • Food

Eating well comes down to eating natural, healthy foods. A good diet includes mostly fruits and vegetables, some starch, and some meat. People are not even affording the minimum balance diet

  • Water

Water is a fundamental human need. Each person requires at least safe clean water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable

  • Shelter

A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures and enemy observation. It can give you a feeling of well-being. It can help you maintain your will to survive.

  • Just to mention a few

Clothing and shelter, but also sanitation, education, and healthcare.

All the above mentioned few basic needs are in short supply in Zimbabwe. We used to grow our own food and then sale to other countries but right now, hunger is cutting across societies as if we have never known farming in our entire lives. For God’s sake Zimbabwe is an agricultural driven economy, how then are we running like headless chickens. We got our land back from white farmers and what did we do with it? Can we not manage to grow maize that is just enough to feed the nation for one year because every year we read about food shortages and importing food from neighbouring countries, what is happening to our country?

Even for the people who wants to invest, how can they? If the country does not even have these basics. People are cheated their hard earned cash by land barons, the fake community estates are developed and after few years the local government comes in to destroy all the erected houses built by blood and sweat, people toiling day and night and you wonder if there was a government in the first place when all the development was going on. People are working very hard but there are always let down by those controlling the levers of political power. What is at play is a game of cat and mouse, tom and jerry. ZANU PF lets MDC Alliance municipalities develop these areas and at a latter date calls upon its cheer leading Local government minister to issue an ultimatum to demolish every standing house and any other building.

In this manner, the people believed to be MDC Alliance sympathisers will be facing eviction from their homes as local authorities embark on an operation to demolish all illegal structures. In the first place the land would have been sold by ZANU PF land barons.

Looking at the big picture, who is loosing in all this? It is not ZANU PF or MDC Alliance as people would like to believe, it is just Zimbabwean people, they are the ones losing, no one political party is losing or gaining. People who spent all their hard earned cash to provide accommodation for their families yet time and time again there are being duped by unruly land barons backed by heavyweight politicians.

It has become common knowledge that the courts are used to deliver the verdict, ”illegal structures’‘ after a community has already been established that much of the land where stands were illegally created for the building of homes and businesses, had been earmarked for other purposes. In this way, no one can stand a chance to fight the government. This is not empowering the people, this is actually sending them to an early grave. How does one recover from from all this?

There is no coordination between ZANU PF controlled local government ministry and MDC Alliance run municipalities. These two paries act as if there are not both one country, the truth of the matter, we need President Emmerson Mnangagwa to work with Nelson Chamisa to better our people, our community, our Zimbabwe. It is a known fact that, ” United we stand and divide we fall” Because we are not working together Zanu PF and MDC Alliance, we are pulling down our citizens down whereas the opposite is true. The government is supposed to empower its citizens despite their political affiliation.

Zimbabweans are everywhere in the world and families have been torn apart, some families have not seen each other for some years, this is not a laughing matter, all because our beloved country Zimbabwe cannot provide any livelihood to its citizen. Can we conclude that we are unlucky when it comes to leadership? It is a topic for another day.

Zimbabwe is a blessed country, full of abundance in natural resources including diamond, gold, coal, iron ore, chromium ore, vanadium, asbestos, nickel, copper, lithium, tin, and platinum group metals just to mention a few. If we have all this and we have taken our land from the colonizers as we are reminded everyday on our local Television and government controlled newspapers, then, Why are we not witnessing the rejuvenation and joy of Zimbabweans in their everyday lives? Why is the government not able to pay workers the 2017 wages structures WHICH there are demanding desperately? Why are our hospitals remained in state of palliative care need? Why our economy remain battered to the ground floor? Why are general citizens struggling and politicians living the lives beyond heaven on earth? Is it NOT obvious that the natural resources are only taped by a few with a name encrypted on their back as ZANU PF. Corruption is running wild and our leaders do not bother to whip, put a stop to this cancerous corruption WHICH HAS MANIFESTED TO THE TOP OF THE PILE, as long as you are ZANU PF, you are safe but if you are from across the aisle, there is only way way, the hell, Chikurubi prison cell, when in Harare.

If Chamisa is given an opportunity to lead, I am hoping that he will be VASTLY supported by a WIDE RANGE of majority in diaspora and locals hence people will start to dream again. The truth of the matter is that Zanu PF are our fathers yes BUT they have failed dismally, willy-nilly or otherwise. We cannot keep on talking about sanctions and not do anything for 20 years. That is a clean definition of what is called failure. You cannot keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expect the results to change or show improvements, insanity at its best to describe it.

Zanu PF has failed dismally, they have let down the beautiful and patriotic citizens. We are now desperate destitute depending on handouts and the goodwill of our neighbouring countries and other far off governments as if we don’t have our own. If it was not because of Diaspora Zimbabwe would have collapsed long back. (debatable point)

When people in general and members of opposition talk and suggest on how to find a solution as well as learn from Zanu PF made mistakes, the government reacts in untoward manner by biting their hands and jail them just like that. When President Mnangagwa came into power he promised a lot, he made sure people believed that he was the change in the status quo that people wanted hence the citizens were revved up and hoped that he was definitely a listening President, but upon walking the talk, the pH Scale revealed that he was perpetuating the same acidic all talk and no action kind of politics. In fact he was increasing the wrong direction a ten-fold than his predecessor Robert Mugabe. ED falls way short of his promises than former president Robert RG Mugabe.

What does this mean for a leader of a country who jails a journalist who is pointing out the malpractices and suggesting the solution to a drain leak in the office of the national resources. Hopewell Chin’ono should have been given an award for proving and providing the evidence to the rampant corruption looming large at the gate keepers of our government ministerial level.

This was going to be a yardstick or good example of how things unfold if you mess with Lacoste and ED would have established himself as a serious national leader aiming at only developing the country and never entertaining corrupt loose cannons in the government. He missed a perfect opportunity. This could have served as a pure example for any Jack and Jill to see and know that when you deep your pockets into unauthorised national coffers, YOU ARE GIVING BIRTH TO HELL, you deserve everything coming at you and furthermore you are a candidate to speak or write about in a disparaging manner, you have earned the right to slanderous and to be unceremoniously paraded to the nation and pay for the day time robbery to the country staggering with shortages of everything really.

In 2017 when ED came into power, teachers, nurses, soldiers and all government employees as well as workers from across the private sector divide were paid not less than US$520.00 yet President Mnangagwa who claims to be the saviour of the people, the listening president, as good as a lamp of God has eroded the workers wages and salaries to nothing. He has eroded his trust. Everyday there is a demonstration about workers remuneration. Even the hospitals, clinics, sewage and water works have disappeared, Nothing is in full working order. Everything ranging from infrastructure, economy, livelihoods is spiralling downwards and out of control apart from security sector which is funded remarkably well because it is the the only way Zanu PF falls into as its default when everything is turning blue.

While Covid 19 pandemic is still on, it is time to strategize and it is time for those that are not true believers of Chamisa to go too just like Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Lillian Timveous and former Kwekwe legislator Blessing Chebundo and a couple of unknown gang of 450. Those that believe in the God fearing man of God, “Nelson Chamisa” will remain and will see him being rewarded to the highest office to bring back sanity and the children of Zimbabwe across the globe. I do not mean that Nelson Chamisa is perfect but he is a much better believable candidate that what we currently have. I also do not mean that ED is bad personally, ED has been affected by failure of ZANU PF system before he even assumes the office of the Presidency. People wants new blood, new beginning, ZANU PF could have taken advantage to bring in Chamisa to resolve this contemporary mess and work hard to establish itself again. All the other tricks will not work because the citizens are not as dump and blind to what is currently happening. Chamisa is Zimbabwean and he deserves to be recognized, people voted for him. He should not be vilified by anyone like Victor Matemadanda does.

Who is going to develop Zimbabwe, if everyone is in South Africa, Botswana, America, Canada, Europe, China, Australia and a few other African countries? It is time to develop broad mind and realise that the children who were born in a free Zimbabwe in 1980 have not even been employed nor do they have a pension. Zanu PF has failed, it is in black and white that Zanu PF government has not transformed the lives of the people apart from those individuals that affiliate themselves with it . Even Mnangagwa himself is surprised why people are deep in slumber, he never expected things to be as less confrontational as it is today. Opposition political parties should lead the way to fight ZANU PF tooth and nail. We do not mean to shed blood or fight amongst ourselves but literally mean that the governing party should be pressured to improve the livelihoods of its citizens, THAT IS A MINIMUM DEMAND.

Zimbabwean leaders needs to wake up, this is 2021 water, electricity, food, industry should be available 24/7. That is how we become labelled as a country. It is not just about being voted and then start looting and sending the innocent people to jail for pointing out the wrongs that are worshipped by those that have no morals.

Chamisa is not a perfect human being but he is ordinary, he has not been corrupted by power, he is young, enthusiastic, well mannered, focused, well spoked, God fearing man. He does not need us but it is us who needs him because if he decides to leave Zimbabwe today, without any doubt he can succeed to do well for himself wherever he can go. We cannot count on people like Komichi and Douglas Mwonzora as opposition, they have already shown their ass, it is not clean, all they care about is power, as long as they are the ones on the steering wheel. How did they participate on MDC Alliance elections and lost then revert back again to contest in the MDC-T and then clinched the most coveted seat of Presidency when he does not have support from the people. People do not forget these incidents, they are waiting for the vote to come. Chamisa is loved that is one thing people do not turn a blind eye on. If you are loved by your people it is easy to govern and investors will come without having to sweat a lot. That is what constitutes legitimacy and confidence,

Most people cannot afford to rest these days otherwise hunger will play games with them, there are sleeping with one eye open. Every corner, everyday and night robbers and thieves are causing severe and extensive damage to communities as they strive to find a way to survive in Zimbabwe. To end all this suffering and for President Mnangagwa to facelift his legacy, he should allow , Nelson Jecha Chamisa into the government to resolve the crisis which is overtaking the breath of a tired ZANU PF party.

There is no more peace in our country, you travel a short journey there are uncontrolled, disdainful police officers waiting to pounce on citizens on the few cents and dollars that they have.

If there is no restful and peaceful sleeping in Zimbabwe this will affect our benefit of

  • increased productivity
  • more creativity
  • higher attention levels
  • lower anxiety and stress levels
  • greater peace of mind

and this results in short life expectancy rate and increased in mental health problems. It is a time bomb waiting to explode at the very near future.

I hope our leaders especially in Zanu PF must know that what is important is not political power but what one can do with that political power to make a difference in the lives of the majority people.

So, I say Mr Mnangagwa, you are waisting your time trying to work with Douglas Mwonzora, the situation is not going to change, you are taking the round about road yet the straight road goes through Nelson Chamisa, he is the one loved and believed by the people. That is as simple as all that.

Thank you

Zai Regondo, contact me at

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