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Chombo freed on bail

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter Former Cabinet minister Ignatius Chombo was yesterday granted bail by

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Lake Kariba Water Rises Above Minimum Operating Level

The water level at the Kariba dam has shrunk to a near-record low. (AFP / Guillem Sartorio) Water at Lake Kariba, the world’s largest reservoir has risen above its minimum operating level of 475.50 metres bolstering hopes for secure energy supplies for Zimbabwe and Zambia. A latest update from the Zambezi River Authority showed that its

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MDCs May Lose More Top Officials To ZANU PF – Chan

When MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai died in 2018, a mass exodus of senior officials became inevitable, a political commentator has said. Stephen Chan, a professor of World Politics at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies told the Daily News that the only surprise was that the high profile

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He killed Hurungwe boy, Avenging NGOZI spirits won’t allow him to live with a woman: Susan Mutami strikes again

By Susan Mutami | Twimbos can you please educate me about Ngozi I don’t really know much about this part of our culture. So In 2018 there is a man I know who killed a boy in Hurungwe at a local garage. Since last year he’s been going to the family wanting to pay for it but they are refusing to accept his money.They are asking why he wants to pay

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